Increase asset values.

Lower operating costs.

Demonstrate environmental responsibility.

Future West Solar has installed 1000s of solar panels across the Okanagan, and the results are brilliant: clean energy, higher building values, and offset energy costs.

Our team will guide every step. First, we’ll do a sunshine analysis, and use the industry’s most advanced software to model your building. The Future West team will accurately design panel placement and calculate power generation. The energy offset can reach 100%, and the surplus can be banked with BC Hydro or FortisBC for later use.

Next, we’ll assist with securing available government incentives to optimize your project. Our expert team with a combined experience of two decades under their belts is prepared for any project, including giga-watt projects. Installation is not subcontracted like other companies. The industry’s most trusted equipment is backed up with our 25-year warranty.

It’s time for Solar. It’s simply the hottest investment around.

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Commercial & Business Canadian Solar Energy Stats


Investment tax credit


Dollars the average business will save annually with Solar


Amount of Canada's electricity used by Industrial buildings.

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We knew nothing about Solar, you guys explained it all in plain English that we understood and then just made it really easy for us!

— Patricia & Kevin

The Future West team installed a 14,200W solar system, allowing Patricia and Kevin to offset 99% of their power. The couple estimates they’ll save more than $65,000 over the next 12 years.

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Commercial Building Solar Power FAQ

Yes! There is currently a 30% investment Tax Credit, a program that has made commercial Solar a no brainer!

Yes, you’ll need approval from the landlord, but YOU as the business purchasing the system will get the incentives!

Most commercial buildings have flat roofs, we have a ballast system engineered based on things like wind load to make sure it’s safe, and we never penetrate the roof.

Most landlords that invest in Solar will charge the tenant triple net, this way the tenant is paying off your investment!

Leave that up to us! We use the most advanced Solar software in the world and we have in-house engineers. They'll build a 3D model of the building to determine how much sun you get, gather the details about your usage and the building's electrical and put together a comprehensive plan to make everything as simple as possible. Let us do the heavy lifting, we’re very strong!

Yes! Commercial solar is a depreciable asset.

Yes! Commercial solar qualifies for accelerated capital cost allowance.

Yes! The federal government has launched an investment tax credit, allowing business owners and building owners to receive up to 30% of their project value as a tax credit.

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