Full-Service Installation

Future Solar West is the Okanagan's Largest Residential Solar Panel Installer

At Future West Solar, we perform installations in-house; no parts of the process are subcontracted. Our team works hard to provide you with an end-to-end service, so don't let nerves get the best of you; we are always available to clarify questions or doubts. We pride ourselves on professional installation, adhering to modern building codes and no cut corners. The cherry on top? Your solar panels are covered under warranty! Leave the complicated parts to us as we handle powering your world one solar panel at a time.


Our Installation Process

step 01

your usage

power usage

Contact us by answering a few basic questions on our Get Started page. Next, we'll ask you provide us with your most recent electricity bill and 12-month energy report so we can prepare a custom home solar quote.

step 02

Your Custom Solution

custom solar solution

After we've modelled your home, surroundings, and the hours of sunlight with the industry's best software, we will have a customized quote ready to share with you. We’ll come to your home and show you what your solar system will look like, how much of your energy usage it will offset, the approximate payback period, and total savings.

step 03

Funding Opportunities

solar government grants

Once you approve our proposal, the next step is to understand if there are any financial incentives or opportunities currently being offered. Future West Solar provides this full-service consultation as an added value to our customers. We've successfully helped 100s of homeowners through this process. Relax, no stress!

step 04


solar power installation

Once installation is scheduled, there's nothing to do but sit back and relax! Our experienced installers will get your system installed quickly and generating power as soon as possible. From start to finish, our promise is to make Solar So Simple!


Customer Reviews

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You guys showed me how everything worked, and laid it all out nice and simple, then by helping me with the government paperwork made my life easy!


Frqeuently Asked Questions

Installing residential solar panels can help reduce electricity bills, lower carbon footprint, increase property value, and provide energy independence. (Think, owning your power vs. Renting it!)

Solar panels can be installed on various types of roofs, including shingle, metal, tile, and flat roofs. However, the condition and orientation of the roof may affect the efficiency of the solar panels.

Solar panels require minimal maintenance, we suggest leaving the cleaning up to mother nature.

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